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Physical Therapy Keeps Hips Healthy for Post-Retirement Activities

Fair Lawn, 3/28/2018 – Pain, soreness and weakness in the hips can interfere with desired
activity levels, particularly for men and women 65 years old and older. For active Americans
trying to enjoy their retirement years, poor hip health simply isn’t part of the plan—but that
doesn’t mean they’re destined to miss out on life’s many pursuits. The good news is that
physical therapy can help seniors remain physically active by addressing small issues before they
Many are surprised to learn that when it comes to hip pain, the answer is closer than they think.
According to Harvard Medical School, strengthening the surrounding muscles—including the
quadriceps, glutes and hamstrings—can take some of the stress off of the hips. Learning to take
care of our hips as we age means recognizing when a new pain or limitation arises, and making
sure it’s addressed by a healthcare professional to avoid mobility loss and prevent surgery.

Physical Therapy in Fair Lawn, New Jersey

Addressing pain or weakness at the first sign of a problem is important at any age, but it’s
particularly important for seniors as concerns including fall risk and bone loss increase as we
age. According to a recent study in The Journal of Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy, hip
weakness and poor hip motion can lead to other problems, including knee and back pain. To
prevent pain from worsening or moving to other areas, make an appointment with a physical
therapist who will assess and address mobility issues and associated pain with a customized
treatment plan.
When devising an exercise program, the physical therapist begins with an evaluation of the
patient’s pain, functional ability, strength, balance and endurance. In addition, the PT will gather
a thorough medical history and request a complete picture of the patient’s current activity level
as well as goals for participating in additional recreational, sports or leisure activities.

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Once the hip pain and any surrounding weaknesses have been adequately addressed under the
supervision of a physical therapist, patients can often return to challenging their joints, bones
and muscles in a controlled, progressive manner—and resume the level of activity they’re
accustomed to. Upon discharge, the prescribed home exercise program is critical to maintaining
good hip health and strength into the foreseeable future.
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