Carpal Tunnel Physical Therapy in Bergen County NJ

Carpal Tunnel syndrome affects one out of twenty Americans. Carpal tunnel syndrome is when there's pressure on your median nerve which causes numbness, tingling, and weakness within your hand. The pressure can be painful for both your hand and wrist and, if untreated, can cause damage to your nerves. Surgery is often seen as the solution to such a problem. Despite many people choosing surgery as a solution their carpal tunnel syndrome, in numerous cases those patients still experience wrist problems.

Carpal Tunnel Physical Therapy in Bergen County

Carpal tunnel physical therapy in Bergen County is an effective way to solve this issue. If you are looking for physical therapy in Bergen County, we encourage you to choose Bella Physical Therapy.

Bella Physical Therapy has helped many patients with their carpal tunnel syndrome since 2006. You don't need a doctor's prescription to come to us for treatment. Our physical therapists are trained to examine your pain symptoms and create a custom treatment that best suits your needs. We are trained to examine and find the exact locations where your nerve compression is causing problems.

Pain killers can treat the symptoms for pain, but don't solve the real problem. Worse, they can have undesirable side effects. Carpal tunnel physical therapy in Bergen County treats your condition where the actual problem is, and can lead to long lasting relief without future flare-ups.

If you are experiencing carpal tunnel syndrome and are looking for help...don't wait. Call Bella Physical Therapy at (201) 791-0008.

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