Physical Therapy for Kids in Bergen County NJ

Children should be able to play, run and explore. So isn't it right to help them be as lively and spirited as they can? There are cases where some children may suffer from a disease or condition that affects their daily mobility. Physical Therapy for kids in Bergen County NJ is an excellent way to help. You want your little ones to have the strength to keep moving forward. Are you a parent looking for physical therapy for kids in Bergen County NJ? Bella Physical Therapy is here to help you and your little one today.

Physical Therapy for Kids in Bergen County NJ
Pediatric physical therapy is a service meant for treating congenital disorders, non-congenital disorders and even developmental delays of children. Pediatric Physical therapy is also very useful for identifying children with health problems in the early stages. At Bella Physical Therapy, our experienced pediatric physical therapists including, Dr. Nina Evangelista, are here to aid your little one to get better and stronger.

Bella Physical Therapy has helped children with various conditions for over 11 years. Our licensed practitioners of pediatric physical therapy perform custom treatments and health supervision of children, infants and adolescents with different developmental, neuromuscular, skeletal or acquired health disorders. Our pediatric physical therapists provide one-on-one one-hour treatment sessions. 

If your child is suffering from health conditions including:

  • Torticollis
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Vestibular Disorders
  • Gross Motor Developmental Delay
  • And more...
Bella Physical Therapy can work on customizing that right treatments to assist your child to live their life with energy and enthusiasm. 

In some cases, the earlier a child begins physical therapy, the better. While this is not the only treatment option available for kids needing some extra assistance, it is drug and surgery free. Our pediatric physical therapist can work on correcting and improving your child's issues in a fun and exciting way.

Physical therapy for kids in Bergen County NJ is an excellent way of resolving health problems in children. The results can be amazing in the end. We want your child to be as healthy and active for what life has ahead for them. Don't wait to get your children the help they need! Come schedule an appointment with Bella Physical Therapy today at (201) 791-0008.