Vestibular Therapy in Bergen County NJ

Vestibular disorders can make life difficult for those suffering from them. Not only that but they can make it complicated to perform necessary daily tasks. Bella Physical Therapy is here to help your enhance your quality of life with Vestibular Therapy in Bergen County NJ.
Vestibular Therapy in Bergen County NJ

Vestibular Therapy involves exercises performed under the supervision and guidance of our experienced and knowledgable physical therapists to help deal with the balance and dizziness symptoms that come from vestibular disorders. Bella Physical Therapy has provided vestibular therapy in Bergen County NJ for over 11 years. 

Much of the vestibular damage is permanent. However, with help from our one-on-one to one hour therapy sessions, patients and are able to regain function through compensation. The brain gradually learns to make use of other senses such as somatosensory and vision to substitute for the loss of function in the vestibular system. Our professional physical therapists have a proven track record of treating vestibular disorder symptoms to help you compensate for these difficulties and become better able to handle the joys and challenges of everyday life.

Vestibular therapy in Bergen County NJ uses a problem-oriented approach to help promote better habits that reduce the daily impact of vestibular disorders. The therapists at Bella Physical Therapy customize exercises that meets with our patients specific needs. We provide exercise prescriptions depending on the vestibular symptoms that the patient suffers from. These prescriptions include balance training, gaze stabilization and habituation.


Habituation includes a number of exercises that treat dizziness and other symptoms that come about from motion sickness or come from visual stimuli. The first indication that the patient requires habituation exercise is increased dizziness as he or she moves around or changes the head position.

Gaze Stabilization

These exercises are designed to control the eye movements to enable a clear vision during the movement of the head. The exercise is recommended for patients whose visual world bounces or jumps around as they move around. This therapy is helpful when it comes to reading or identifying items on the move.

Balance Training

Balance training exercises are constructed to help improve your steadiness so that you can perform leisure, work, and self-care successfully. This training is customized to meet the intensity of the balance problems faced by the patient. It involves visual exercises, coordination, and statutory positions.

Don't wait for your condition to get worse. Entrust in the help of our trained physical therapists at Bella Physical Therapy for your vestibular therapy in Bergen County NJ. 

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